Quality is one of our pillars

Bharbjt has choosed quality as the mainstay of the company: quality of materials, quality of workmanship, quality of products.

The deep knowledge of the knives industry and the great tradition of the Premana territory, helped Bharbjt to refine and improve the lines of its products, ensuring over the years a growth both in economic and in quality terms.

The continuous study of ergonomics of the products and the improvement of production techniques lead Bharbjt to be a consolidated and competitive reality, always looking to the future. A company that embraces innovation while remaining faithful to its principles craftsmen; the factory is in continuous and constant growth also in the quality of its products.

BHARBJT is a licensee of COLLECTIVE TRADEMARK OF QUALITY “PREMANA”, released by the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco, who is manager with the task of evaluating license requests of use and attribute the mark to undertakings which produced articles Cutting, in accordance the technical and production requirements in the use of the mark Regulation.

Because the product may display the trademark “PREMANA“, it must be guaranteed the respect of the production process regulated in the Production Specifications